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Dash Mat

Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:18 am

Being my first summer with the Miev, I would notice a wave of heat would hit me while driving. Even with the a/c at 100%, every so often the heat would hit. Hmm, the Miev's dash is a effective solar collector. Bad for Texas summer, good for winter.

I ordered a light gray Dash Mat from CarId. Took about 5 weeks. Dash Mat had to make it since there none in stock. Took about 20 minutes to install. Place velcro strips on the dash to hold the Dash Mat in place. Easy to remove if needed. Even allows for the airbag on the riders side of the dash.

The light gray has really helped the a/c. No more heat hitting me in the face. It also brightens up the interior. Another benefit is you can affix an object to the Dash Mat if it has velcro(hook side) on the object.

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Re: Dash Mat

Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:53 am

centex, thanks for posting. Two concerns:
1. Based on my past life dealing with aircraft cockpits, anything but an ultra-absorbing dull black surface produces reflections. The i-MiEV, with its sloping windshield, is especially bad. I was wondering if you are seeing increased reflections from this gray mat?
2. The passenger's-side airbag pops out from the dashboard. Is there a cutout in the mat to accommodate this?

Also, whenever I park the car I place an external highly-reflective window in place.
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Re: Dash Mat

Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:02 am

There is a cutout for the airbag.

Being a fuzzy rug type material there is not that much reflection. At certain angles it makes the windshield look like it has a light film like it has the film that cars will get over time. It is not so bad to impair vision.
For me it has not been an issue.

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