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Dash Dissassembly

Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:48 pm

Has anyone ever taken apart the lower portion of the dash? I'd really like to get to the back of the 12 volt outlet to splice in a triple outlet to power an ever increasing array of add ons. In my wife's car there is an aftermarket back-up camera, a dash camera and a 12 volt cord that runs her oxygen concentrator . . . . and, we'd like to add a simple USB charge port for cel phone.

I can get my hand up behind the dash outlet and feel the tiny wires on the back of the socket, but no way can I gain enough access to them to splice in anything. Her O2 concentrator needs 6 or 8 amps, so it needs to be plugged directly into the dash outlet. The total of everything else is just a few amps, so if I could splice a triple outlet pigtail directly onto the factory wiring, we'd be all set, but . . . . the dash in this car appears not to be so simple to take apart

Any advice, experiences, photos or all three welcomed!

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