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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:07 am

The nut is inside the frame? That's unusual. On most hitch installations the head of the carriage bolt plus it's special washer is up inside the frame where it cannot turn and the nut is below on the frame of the hitch

I would have one of these on one of our cars, if they weren't $300. I just installed a very heavy duty Curt Hitch on my Transit Connect last week. The hitch is rated for 3500 pounds and a tongue weight of 500 pounds and it cost $125 with free shipping

I also installed the +12 volt powered tail light adapter for the trailer lights. The one I bought it made for the car and plugs in to the tail light harnesses, so the only wire you need to hook up is the +12 wire

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Re: iMiEV as workhorse

Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:29 pm

Bear got hitched :mrgreen: ! ... K_0Oa?dl=0

Some notes from the install:
1. The directions are out of order. Taking the four bumper bolts out before doing anything else makes it much easier.

2. When lifting the hitch into place, only attempt lining up the upper bolt on the L bracket. Put the other bolt in once the bumper screws are holding the hitch (leaving everything threaded but loose until all but the last bolt is in). If you try lining up the lower bolt, the hitch will hit the frame and won't go into place.

3. The last bolt, which goes through the sway arm bracket, required a ratchet strap to line up (as another member posted). Once it was in, i could only fit one flat washer and the lock washer on the nut side.

4. I had to file the opening a bit larger for the plate washer to fit into place (the B hole in the directions).

5. Having a second person is a must. A car lift is pretty nice, too.

6. Wear safety glasses. If road debris doesn't get you, the bolt fishing wires will.
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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:53 am

Hey PV1 - what luxury having a lot of indoor workspace and a car lift in your winter environment! Thanks for the notes and photos. Hmmm, wonder if they incorporated the notes I had sent them after doing my own installation? As you might have noted, I moved your post over to this more on-topic thread.

Two general comments:

1. Originally I had hoped that the hitch would be easily demountable, as lugging all that hitch weight back there all the time wasn't my cup of tea. Sadly, not to be, as that's too much work. I DO use the hitch at least once weekly, but mostly for trivial tasks.

2. Pity that the manufacturer still has not produced a hitch in aluminum. As it is, we're lucky to have this hitch at all for our limited-production car.
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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:33 am

Ah, forgot about this thread. Thanks for moving.

It's better that the hitch is made of steel, as it won't corrode with the car's steel construction. It does seem overbuilt, as it is mainly four 12 mm bolts that hold most of the hitch in place. I'd almost rather the hitch fail than the frame of the car.

Being indoors was nice, but the other day when I originally planned on installing the hitch, it was 60 F outside and sunny. Too bad I was up quite early that morning and was too tired to install it. This was at my friend's shop (he does solar installs and eBike sales out of the building).

I can PM you a copy of the install manual I received with the hitch. I'll be sending them my recommendations, as well. Removing those bumper bolts was a pain with the hitch hanging in the way. It can't really hang from the L bracket, either, as the far end comes to rest on the plastic bumper cover.

I figured with the new vehicle warranty long gone, I could install the hitch with less hassle from the dealer. Of course, if I do have motor or battery problems, that thing is coming off before the car goes to the dealer. I don't have a light harness, so there's no way I could legally tow a trailer regardless. It's an "accessory hitch" ;) .
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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:14 am

I'm hoping to get one of the Torklift hitches after tax time. Too many things going on this winter and only have outdoor installation possibilities. But looking forward to it.
Either that, or may end up designing a slightly lighter weight version myself.
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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:21 pm

That's also my next upgrade. I want a hitch so that I can install a bike rack.

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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:46 pm

I must relay an amazing customer service experience this week. Though Torklift has many long-term employees, they lost the two young ones that I began this odyssey with, so when I showed up to buy a truck part- a staffer that I didn't know gleefully exclaimed "You're driving an i-MiEV; our engineer has been looking for one of those!" After a re-introduction as their first i-MiEV hitch customer, they requested an opportunity to inspect and re-fit my hitch, as one had recently been returned by a Midwestern US customer due to poor fitment, and they wanted to double-check the design. SO, my hitch was inspected and re-installed with new bolts, all free of charge so that they could continue to guarantee the fitment of a rare hitch for an out-of-production car. (though there's a glitch with their online hitch finder right now, contact them if you want one.
(877) 343-6933

Makes me wish I had something else that needs to get hitched! Of course, I do, but its not quite ready yet.
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Re: Trailer Hitch Installation

Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:03 pm

I just bought one for one of my imiev’ s and it was delivered about three weeks ago but I haven’t installed it yet. Every weekend it’s been cold wet and yucky, so I’m procrastinating until better weather arrives.
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