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Convert coreless trimmer to wired

Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:28 am

I'd like to convert a coreless string trimmer (18 Volt B&D GrassHog) to wired A/C. I know this seems counter-productive, but I'm beyond sick of this POS. It always was underpowered and barely provided enough charge to finish the yard (even with 2 batteries). This is just the second season of owning, and now the batteries will not provide more than 5 minutes run-time combined. I can safely do the conversion; however, any thoughts/advice are greatly appreciated. Also, any thoughts on trying something with the batteries first (18v nicad)? They never seemed to hold their charge without just keeping them on the charger, and they take about 4+ hours to fully charge.

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Re: Convert coreless trimmer to wired

Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:47 pm

Cordless tools powered by anything other than lithium batteries will almost always end up being a disappointment in the long run. An otherwise quality tool, the 18 volt Dewalt tools suffered from batteries which died at an early age, even when seldom used. The lithium batteries on their similar tools easily last 4 or 5 times as long as the Ni-Cads Something requiring as much power as a string trimmer really needs to be 40 volt lithium for best results - My wife has a 40 volt lithium string trimmer that's going on 5 years old and still running strong on it's original battery and she uses it nearly every week

All you would need to convert your trimmer to AC power would be a DC power supply rated at 20 volts and 4 or 5 amps, but you may find that you're just throwing good money after bad because the 18 volt motor in your trimmer is probably also not up to the job, even with an 'endless' power supply - You did note that it was under powered from day one . . . . you could give it a try, but if you have to buy that DC power supply, I would my money toward a good lithium powered trimmer instead. A true 120 volt corded trimmer would have a much more powerful motor than your DC model . . . . but then you've gotta drag an extension cord around, which is why we all bought cordless tools in the first place - You just bought an inferior one

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