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Elevation Graphing

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:21 pm
by JoeS
For years and years, my go-to application of choice has been GPS Visaualizer which graphed a route's elevation by simply pasting the URL of a route developed in Google Maps. As I was trying to prepare for my latest i-MiEV trip, I was rudely derailed as that feature is no longer available, with the following comment on the GPS Visualizer website:

In July of 2018, Google dramatically reduced the number of Google Maps "transactions" you're allowed to make per month. Unfortunately, this means that the general public can no longer access some of Google's services using GPS Visualizer's credentials.
They go on to suggest two alternatives, each of which I've unsuccessfully tried.

Does anyone know of a Web tool which can quickly graph the elevation of a particular trip?