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Re: Life with Chevy Bolt EV

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:31 am
by pbui19
I mis-quoted yesterday, my final cost was $32K for the LT after the $7500 fed, $2500 CA, PGE (electric util) $500. I've heard that the leather seat is not as comfortable due to the stiffer feel of the seat edges, digging into your legs.

PV1 - my daughter never really pays attention to her range, she just drives it. We also lives at 2200-ft elevation and always use the Hilltop charge stop which is about 90% SOC. When it gets hot here, I actually try to stop charge at 75%, albeit manually.

I do very much prefer the 6.6kw L2 charging than the iMiev/Volt2 lousy 3kw rate.

I've heard reports of people in LA getting 300-mile, given the traffic there.

Re: Life with Chevy Bolt EV

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:03 pm
by PV1
I got my Eaton charging station wired for Bolt charging. 6/3 copper on a 50 amp breaker to handle that 7.2 kW charger. It fits nicely between the man door and garage door so it can reach the port on the front left fender.

It's nice to see the battery still charging while pre-conditioning. Speaking of that, you can simply power up the car while charging and use the HVAC while in the car without using remote functionality (good if you're car-camping at a charging station).

I set up departure charging so that the car holds off charging until it reaches a calculated start time in order to finish charging at a certain time. There is also a priority charge function that immediately takes the car to 40% if it's lower than that. Unlike the 1st gen Volt's (confusing) dash light, the charge status light blinks based on SoC. One blink at a time is 0-25%, two is 26-50%, three is 51-75%, and four blinks is 76-100% charge. A solid green light means fully charged.

Re: Life with Chevy Bolt EV

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:57 am
by PV1
I'm going back through this forum and trying to tally up wishlist and some standard items for the I-MiEV to compare to the Bolt.

Here's what I have so far (forum members with Dropbox accounts can add to it as well): ... Kula6yORxp

A blank box means not included/unavailable. An X marks that feature as standard.

Re: Life with Chevy Bolt EV

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:43 am
by PV1
I'm also pleased to share that the Bolt does not cause much, if any, driver fatigue. We went on a 170 mile drive yesterday, only getting out of the car once to try a quick charger and use the restroom, and it felt like we only went a few miles.

Cruising the highway at 65-70 MPH with the A/C on doesn't seem to make a big impact on range, as it's still calculating at least 20 miles over EPA. It's so nice to travel outside of my norm and not even worry about charging. That quick charger was broken and would've been game over in the i-MiEV as there is no other charging around it except campgrounds (then again, I would've likely not even attempted it in the i-MiEV unless PlugShare indicated it was stable).