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Re: Life with Chevy Bolt EV

Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:41 am

PV1 wrote:Calling around to different dealers, the price of one factory wheel ranged from $395 to $800. I ended up buying a full set of aftermarket wheels for $700, which gives me a full spare and two winter rims from the remaining 3 OEM wheels.

After hitting a big block of wood, one busted wheel/tire, a re-alignment and a possible wheel bearing as the only casualties speak well of the car's durable suspension. I guess the only fault besides the trucker who lost that block would lie with GM dealer parts pricing! It is absurd that you can buy an aftermarket set of new wheels for less than the price of a single replacement.

Was there ever a resolution to the 'ice trough' that kept windshield wipers frozen up in winter?
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Re: Life with Chevy Bolt EV

Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:43 pm

I agree. I think that if the outside edge of the wheel hit the wood, it would've been worse. The wheel splitting absorbed a lot of energy.

As for the ice trough, my solution has been to turn the wipers on delay (which parks the upper wiper slightly above the dashboard), shut the car off, and leave my Litecoin miner running in the car all night. It keeps the windows clear, the interior heat-soaked, and actually transmits a bit of heat into the battery through conduction (the back seat sits right on top of the battery).

A couple rounds of pre-heating with the wipers left on also does the trick, but having a small heat source in the car all night allows the whole windshield to warm up and prevent snow from accumulating in the first place. Plus, the litecoin miner is more economical than a resistance heater :ugeek: .
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