Emails about the Mitsubishi i

I’ve signed up on the Mitsubishi website for updates on the Mitsubishi i. Once I signed up, I received a thank-you/welcome email, and then a reserve yours now email.

Thanks for your interest in the Mitsubishi i“We appreciate your interest in the all-new Mitsubishi i, and we’re thrilled to have you on board.”

“Now would be a great time to create a personalized My i page”

“If you already know the Mitsubishi i is right for you, reserve yours today.”

“The Mitsubishi i is one of the world’s best selling electric vehicles.”

“At Mitsubishi, we’ve been perfecting electric vehicle technology for 40 years. The result is the Mitsubishi i.”

Reserve your Mitsubishi i Now“Take a look inside the Mitsubishi i. The rear engine and under-floor battery pack make it surprisingly roomy.”

“The Mitsubishi i has an astounding MPGe rating of 126 city/99 highway. You won’t ever need to buy gas again.”

“You won’t believe how much you’ll save on gas.”

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